4 Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

While a lot of people are aware of the normal body massage, only a very few people are aware of deep tissue massage even though it is much more beneficial than the normal massage. First of all, you should know what a deep tissue massage is.

It is a massage therapy that goes into the deeper parts of your muscles. The effect of the massage goes deep down into the body so it requires the application of more pressure and firmer grip. It is important to make it clear that this type of massage offers all the benefits you can get from the normal traditional massage and more. Some other benefits of deep tissue massage have been outlined right below.

It gives stress relief

While you can’t avoid stress, you can only manage it. In fact, it is estimated that about 60 to 80 percent visits to doctors are related to stress. So, deep tissue massage relieves you of all kinds of stress irrespective of its cause. Needless to say perpetual stress can lead to more chronic medical conditions like mental disorder.

It eliminates or eases pain

Several research papers have been published about deep tissue massage being able to ease pains. Some of the pains that it has been used to reduce are lower back pain, tennis elbow, and pain in the calf muscles just to mention a few.

It helps mobility

There are several diseases that could affect your muscles internally. You could also sustain an internal injury from an accident. Even when the affected muscles and ligaments are healed, you may still have problems moving around. For this kind of people, this therapy can also assist. It will help to put tissues and ligaments in their right positions. This in turn will make easier for you to move around.

The therapy lowers the rate of blood pressure

This was reported after a particular study that was carried out in 2008. About 263 participants were used in the study. Each of the participants had either muscle strain or muscle spasm and they were all subjected to about 45 minute deep massage session. However, their blood pressure and heart rate were taken before and after the massage session.

It was found out that the systolic and diastolic pressures were lower for all the 263 participants. Even their heart rates dropped with about 10 beats in a minute. So, deep tissue massage will improve your heart rate and blood pressure.

However, there are several providers of deep tissue massage but the quality of the massage varies widely. This is why you need to consider experience when choosing your masseur. You should only get it from a certified and experienced deep tissue masseur.

In conclusion, there are a few precautions involved. People with blood clot issues or osteoporosis should stay away from it. People who have just undergone chemotherapy or surgery should not also take the treatment.

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