Ayurveda and managing mental health

Ayurveda is basically a school of thought that encourages the perfect balance of mind, body and soul by adapting to the lifestyle changes described in the books of the ancient system of healing called “Ayurveda” which has a very simple meaning “the art and science of natural life”. Ayurveda emerged as a proper health system in the sub-continent around 5-6 thousand years back ago. It was thought that Ayurveda is just a system of beliefs that prevailed in India and nearby countries only. But, in recent years western countries are also getting benefits from the amazing and harmless natural ayurvedic treatments. This article looks at Ayurveda and managing mental health.

The Connection between Mind and Health

“A sound mind leads to sound overall health”

The way our brain functions has a direct link to our mental health and ultimately to overall bodily health. It is well known that many diseases in our body originate from abnormal psychic conditions. Ayurveda provides effective psychiatric and medical therapy balance to treat or manage major mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, phobias, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia etc.

“Ayurveda is focused on finding balance in the individual life of a person who is suffering from ailments due to unbalanced lifestyle or way of living”

Ayurveda Treatments of Mental Health Conditions

The natural plants or herbs that are applied in ayurveda to cure mental illnesses are  called “medya rasayanas”

  • Yoga and tantric medication is the part of ayurveda that not only promotes the toned and healthy body but also pacifies the mind, helping to combat daily life mental tensions.
  • Brahmi booti helps in the perfect balance of both hemispheres of brain relieving stress.
  • Sandalwood is the bark of a tree whose extract is used in water to drink and it calms the over-exhausted brain cells pacifying “Pitta” dosha.
  • Panchkarma is an ayurvedic technique in which specif “Dosha” or energies of a person are balanced. This process combats the root cause of the problem that is causing stress. In this technique usually “Abhyanga”, “Shiroabhyanga” and “Shirovasti” are used.
  • Ashwagandha or Withania-somnifera is no doubt the most popular herb in the management of daily life stress, anxiety and depression. It provides nourishment to the brain cells minimizing exhaustion. It is well known in India to improve blood circulation, sexual health, libido and erectile dysfunction.
  • Shankh Pushpi, Vacha, Amalaki and Guduchia re the herbs known for stress-fighting properties.
  • Yashtimadhu promotes the functioning of the cognitive centre of the brain and helps in Alzheimer’s disease.


Ayurvedic treatments are the combination of both exercises and medicinal plants that are more focused on the preventive measures of an ailment than its treatment. By adapting to an ayurvedic lifestyle, one can prevent himself from unexpected mental illnesses. If you would like to discuss Ayurveda and managing mental health, please contact us via the online chat at the bottom of this website, or use the contact form here.