Ayurveda for health and quality life

The term Ayurveda can be translated to mean the art of living or the science of life. This ancient traditional medicine system originates from India and has been around for over 7000 years. It is one of the oldest systems of medicine and has historic records dating back to 1500 BC. In nations such as India, this form of medicine is regularly applied alongside regular medical treatments. Another interesting fact regarding Ayurveda for health is that this form of medicine embraces a type of micro surgery as well as CAT scans unlike other traditional forms of medicine.

There are plenty of modern medicine techniques, both alternative and mainstream, that base their principles and applications to Ayurveda. Many medical theories such as general wellness, psychiatry, surgery and optometry all derive some of their underlying principles from the practice of Ayurveda medicine. Even ancient Chinese medicine practices such as Chinese herbology and acupuncture are based on the foundations of this ancient Indian form of medicine and wellness science.

There are certain differences that are noticeable between Ayurveda and conventional medicine. The most prominent of these are the treatment methods. Ayurveda focuses mainly on deeper causative issues regarding illnesses and diseases while modern, conventional medicine focuses on treatments based on symptoms. It is believed, according to Ayurveda for health that by focusing on the root cause of the problem, the person gets treated and heals completely. This is because the doshas or the primary life-forces within the body will be balanced out. One of the leading principles of Ayurveda claims that nothing happens in isolation and that everything surrounding an individual such as their family, environment, diet and everything else will affect the well being and the health of an individual.

There are several particular areas of life where this form of treatment is commonly used. These include application in managing and controlling weight loss, maintaining a healthy prostate, balancing and strengthening digestion, providing lasting remedies for joints and relief for osteoarthritis, recovering from flu and colds, detoxifying the entire body and helping get rid of toxins and many other applications. It is normally difficult to find qualified Ayurveda practitioners for various reasons. Most practitioners hardly practice the ancient and original Ayurveda as practiced in India. While Ayurveda is a holistic form of treatment that involves many other forms of treatment, most modern practitioners focus only on the herbal forma of Ayurveda for health and ignore the rest of it.