Experience a Unique Deep Tissue Massage Leeds

A deep tissue massage therapy is concerned with the manipulation of the body’s deep layer tissues including the fascia and those supportive tissues that make up the joints and the muscles. This is a slow but intense method of body massage that is focused on getting rid of adhesions – knots – from difficult parts of the body.

At Kerala Ayurveda Centre, we have highly trained massage therapists who specialise mainly in applying deep pressure to targeted areas of the client’s body to relieve muscle tension and enhance blood flow. This helps to promote the release of “happy hormones” like oxytocin and serotonin while helping to relieve them of every form of psychological stress they may have been through.

Along with the joints and tendons, our unique deep tissue massage Leeds normally focus on major muscle groups in the body that are vulnerable to injuries or straining including the neck and lower back. Apart from helping to improve range of movement, our massage therapists offer deep tissue massages that also focus on treating tightness, muscle tension, and pain.

Along with the connective tissue around the muscles – fascia tissue – our professional therapists in Leeds specialise in applying deep tissue massage to deeper layers of muscles in the body which are basically helpful at breaking down hard fibrous tissue, getting rid of knots (adhesions) in muscles, and realigning the tissue to back to its usual form.

As part of our efforts to improve recovery, reduce pain, and increase flexibility, we often perform a deep tissue massage Leeds to help realign our clients’ body tissues back into normal form. In a bid to effectively reach those deep muscles and fascia, this type of deep manipulation which focuses primarily on deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues can be applied to areas of tension and pain with deep pressure and slow rate.

Before working into a deeper musculature, our massage therapists will try to relax your muscles by making use of massage oils to perform the deep tissue massage. There are many techniques employed in a deep tissue massage Leeds. It may also interest you to know that we apply a variety of different types of deep tissue massage techniques including vibrations, picking up, frictions, skin rolling, and deep strokes.

Whether you have sustained an injury, a high muscle tone, tight muscles or experiencing a chronic pain, it is good to know that you can obtain an effective treatment with a deep tissue massage. This form of manipulative therapy can help clients on many occasions. It can even be used to break down adhesions, reduce muscle tone, release tension in muscles, restore blood flow, interrupt the cycle of chronic pain, and stimulate the healing process around an injury.

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