Meditation Is A Good Way To Live Life

Nowadays many people no longer turn to religion to help them work through their heavy load of problems, but instead have begun turning to spirituality for answers. Spirituality is, in a sense, a tool designed to help one attain mastery over self. Divine teachings throughout the ages have proven that one of the best ways, if not the only true way, to receive self-mastery has been through Meditation

Fortunately, there is not one specific, designated way to meditate. The varying religions, cultures, and sects to teach spirituality have each contributed to the comprehensive mosaic we see today. Whether one is striving for enlightenment, or simply trying to achieve a real inner peace, a meditative practice is essential.

When you have a clear end goal in mind

For those times when we are plagued by some uncertainty, or when the multitude of options available is just as unnerving as not having any at all, then meditating with a clear end goal in mind is the best course of action. Guided meditations by licensed professionals can ease your anxiety by providing soothing music and engaging visuals. They range from anything like stress relief and sleeplessness to tapping into your creativity.

Visualisations have been known to be very helpful to the meditating beginner. By giving the mind an object to focus on, whether in real life or in ones’ own imagination, it ties the mind down to one specified point and keeps it from wandering between the streams of thoughts. Mantra meditations work in a similar fashion to visualisations. The mantra keeps the mind focused on the words being recited, while also helping to clear out the throat chakra.

Chakra cleansing, kundalini, energy healing, are just some examples of meditations best done by listening to binaural beats. These playlists are strategically designed to have a finite purpose – attention and focus, sleep, and even astral projection!

Meditation with no clear end goal

Then there are times when we have a myriad of ideas swarming around our brain cluttering up space and making our mind work in overdrive. The never-ending list of responsibilities can at times take a toll on our mental health and we are left mentally, and at times emotionally, depleted. The best way to overcome this mental fog is to meditate with no clear end goal in mind, except for mindfulness.

Any activity that engages the mind, body, and soul simultaneously and in seamless cohesion is a form of meditation. To meditate, with no other objective, but simply to practice mindfulness, is one of the easiest and most natural forms of meditation. For example, yoga, walking, dancing, listening to music, cooking, performing arts, gardening, etc.

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