Sleep benefits for health

Health is wealth is a well-known proverb for many reasons. Wealth can buy you anything but if you are unhealthy then you cannot buy good health. Fortunately, you can adapt some good habits to maintain a good state of body, mind and soul as well.

While hard work and enthusiasm is vital for survival in this modern and rapid world, proper rest and a night of sound sleep is the backbone of maintaining good health. Humans have sleep cycles in the 24 hours of the day called “Circadian rhythms” influenced by dark and light. A sound sleep provides the benefits of being alert, fresh, full of energy and concentration in the morning lasting the whole length of the day. On the other hand, regular brief rest between the work hours not only saves you from being tired but also prevents you from getting ill. 8 hours of continuous undisturbed sleep is enough for an average healthy adult.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of rest and sleep to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Benefits of good sleep

  • A productive and sharp mind

With a good peaceful sleep you will wake up with a fresh face and energetic mind and body. Eventually, you will feel more concentrated, creative, sharp and productive as compared to sleep-deprived people you may have seen in your classroom. In fact, a study conducted on school-going children concluded that sleep patterns have a strong network with how our brain functions translating into academic outcomes.

  • Minimises obesity risk

Sleep-deprived men, women and children are more likely to become obese faster than the others. The main reason is that when we don’t get proper sleep your body’s natural sleep cycle is disturbed resulting in unbalance of hormones pushing our body to consume more calories than normal leading to premature obesity. Good sleep also motivates us to exercise leading to less weight gain risk.

  • Minimises risk of Heart Diseases

A poor sleep comprising less than the standard 8-hour sleep can translate into increased risk of various form of life-threatening illnesses like myocardial infarction (heart attack), stroke and hypertension. Good sleep reduces physical stress on body indirectly destressing heart muscles and blood vessels preventing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

  • Helps controlling Diabetes 

Sleep importance can be justified by a research conducted on healthy young adults getting sleep minimised to 4 hours for one week concluded the decreased insulin sensitivity risking them to pre-diabetes.Its all due to unbalanced sleep patterns and insulin sensitivity reduction caused by sleep deprivation.

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