Sports Massage In Leeds

Looking for a Sports Massage In Leeds

Before jumping into the benefits of sports massage, it is important to note that not only injured people can benefit from this massage. Sports massage does tremendous good for both injured and uninjured people. Sports massage can help to improve the overall performance of uninjured sports individuals. The central purpose of sports massage is to bring about a reduction of stress and tension which has accumulated in the body’s soft tissue particularly during a period of training. Over-exertion and over-use of the body’s muscles and bones lead to strain, wearing out and injury. Sports massage helps to bring down these negative consequences as well as improve performance.

Sports massage is similar in many ways to other body massages. Every form of massage requires an in-depth knowledge of the body’s anatomy and physiology. It also requires an appreciation of the benefit of massage to sportsmen and women.

Sports massage therapy targets the soft tissue of the body. It aids and quickens recovery from injury and training as well as help sports people to warm-up in preparation for a competition. Individuals that are specialized in sports massage are known as Sports massage therapist.

There are three major areas where sports massage can be of tremendous benefit to sports people; they are physical, physiological and psychological.

1. Physical:

Increased tissue permeability:

A damaged or tight muscle will prevent blood from flowing to vital tissues, depriving them of nutrients and oxygen. A deep massage helps to increase tissue permeability, allowing the pores in the tissue membrane to open, which facilitates greater movement of fluid. This plays a double function; allowing waste products such as lactic acid to be removed as well as allow the muscles to absorb more oxygen and nutrient.

Breaking down of scar tissue:

Scar tissue come as a result of a previous injury and can have a negative effect on the function of muscles, ligament, and tendons as well as cause pain. Sports massage helps to break down such scar tissues.

Improves muscle elasticity:

One of the false perception held by many people is that the harder you train, the better your performance. This is wrong. Hard training doesn’t improve performance, rather it leads to tissue inelasticity and hardness. Massage, on the other hand, helps to improve the elasticity of tissue.

2. Physiological

Pain reduction:

The buildup of waste product, e.g. lactic acid, and tension in the muscle can result in pain and discomfort. Sports massage helps to reduce this by improving oxygen circulation in the muscles which break down lactic acid and also by encouraging the body to release endorphins.


Massage stimulates muscle relaxation. Muscles possess mechanoreceptors which are sensitive to touch, pressure or warmth. These stimuli result in a reflex relaxation.

3. Psychological

Anxiety reduction:

Massage induces relaxation, and this ultimately also result in the reduction in anxiety level.


Sports massage done before the start of an event can energise the sportsman or woman, putting him/her in the right shape for improved performance.

To enjoy the advantages of a Sports Massage In Leeds, you can hire a private trainer or visit Kerala Ayurveda Centre in Leeds to benefit from treatment that would promote a healthy and long life.