The Benefits Of Ayurveda Head Massage

Ayurveda head massage is a prehistoric method of massage that produces stress relief. The massage can eliminate many if not all of the symptoms of migraine, stress related headaches, sinus pain, and neck pain. This form of massage allows a person to experience the human touch that many find is lacking in their fast paced lives.

The oils that are used in this form of head massage have been compounded over centuries to provide a combination of effects that reduce stress, promote physical health, and cleanse the hair as well as promoting healthy hair.

One of the differences between Ayurveda head massage and other forms of massage is the length of the stroke. A long stroke that stimulates more of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the head are used in Ayurveda head massage. The massage may include parts of the neck and shoulder to induce as much stress relief, relaxation, and pain relief as possible.

The majority of practitioners of Ayurveda head massage insist that the massage be given by a person of the same sex as the individual who receives the therapeutic massage. The concept is based on the idea that sexual tension is a constant source of stress in the world.

Music that accompanies the massage is another important aspect of Ayurveda head massage. Relaxing soft music played in the background is considered to allow a person to relax more completely during the head massage.

The physical benefits are tremendous. Each part of the head receives a rhythmic stroke that is designed to accomplish physical healing and spiritual enhancement. The 30 minute regimen has been perfected over time to address stress related issues, muscular pain, headaches, and a number of chronic conditions.

The oils that are used have been perfected to make the hair more manageable, softer, and more luxurious. All of the oils used are natural and nontoxic. The physical stimulation of the hair promotes blood flow to the hair follicles and allows the hair to grow naturally. Baldness can be delayed in both men and women with this massage.

One of the essential requirements for receiving the full benefit of Ayurveda head massage is that the person who gives another person the massage must be completely dedicated to the well being and health of the person who receives the massage.

The process can be extended in time to as long as a person needs to receive the reduction of pain and stress relief that they need. A regular Ayurveda head massage and even daily treatments are considered to be a natural and simple way to relieve stress, promote healing, heal the spirit, and make the hair beautiful.

The massage also promotes better sleep, relieves neck pain, and restores damaged hair.

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