Wellness Starts In Your Mind

Wellness Starts In Your Mind

A Change Can Only Start With A Shift In Perception

It was always obvious to the ancient wisdom traditions that mind and body are interconnected. Somewhere along the line we have created a gap where we started perceiving them as separate. The truth is that the moment your body and mind are unaligned your body goes out of balance which can eventually lead to disease.
Sadly enough so often people wait for something drastic to happen to them before they realize something has to change.

Why is that? It is because often the things we need the most are those we resist the most. We are so afraid of change that our mind will do anything to keep us in comfort zone, even though deep inside we know that our life can be so much better. Our mind is wired to choose for the safe option in the face of uncertainty; it is a primal survival mechanism from the time humans faced real life dangers. So whenever we come up with a new idea (such as taking on a new habit) our mind will come up with all the ‘proofs’ and reasons why we should not do it, in effort to sabotage our plans, so we can remain in the same comfortable place. The problem is that when we always believe our mind we never grow.

Therefore the first step to any change, like living a healthier life, actually starts in the invisible realm of the mind. Your core beliefs will always be the keys to either your castle or your jail cell, to your paradise or your prison. Change can only happen with a shift in awareness, followed by the willingness to change, fueled by a deep motivation and created with commitment.

The next step will be taking an inventory of your lifestyle: from the food on your plate to sleep, stress management, exercise and to what nourishes your body mind and soul. That’s the wellness puzzle. And before your mind starts telling you that you are selfish for thinking about yourself, remember you cannot serve others on an empty tank.

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