Ayurveda and modern day living

Ayurveda and modern day living

Stress, anxiety and depression are of the most common drawbacks of today’s life. Actually, we invite the root factors of stress our own self by deviating from the natures delicate principles of living a healthy and happy life. We are just in the race that leads us nowhere but materialistic goals. Ayurveda helps in reaching the ultimate quality of health by balancing the energies of mind, body and soul in a perfect blend.

This article, Ayurveda and modern day living focuses on how Ayurvedic practices can help in managing daily life stress conditions:

Stop for a while

Slowing down at some time in life is very vital in Ayurveda to achieve a healthy state of mind. Although it can be very difficult in this modern hustle-bustle of life, it’s not impossible too. Some people may find taking some rest from routine life, a challenging risk that may scare them.
One of the best ways to slow down is to find some time for yourself during the whole day and relax in a quiet and peaceful environment to restore the body’s balance.

Look after yourself

Always try to take a bath daily. Because bathing provides relaxation to the nerves and relieves anxiety and stress from the body. You can also mix some ginger and baking soda in your bathing water because this treatment is best known for a relaxed and refreshing bathing experience that enhances the blood flow and removes toxins from the body. Detoxification also helps in busting stress.
You can try Epsom salt in bath water if your dosha is not compatible with ginger.

Ayurvedic Oil Remedy

Practice gargling using luke warm water coupled with ayurvedic oil such as sesame and coconut oil. This remedy removes toxins from the oral cavity not only keeping the mouth refreshed and healthy but also removing the stress of all day.

Try an Ayurvedic Massage (abhyanga)

Ayurvedic massage is done with ayurvedic herbal oils. Oil relates to love and abhyanga relates to rejuvenation in Ayurveda. You can try massage whole body with natural oils before taking a bath or after getting the stress vibes to relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and most importantly skin.

Foot Massage at night

Massage your feet with the fingers using natural sesame or olive oil. This is the ancient practice of relieving stress because it is believed that there are special nerves in the feet that relieve stress when stimulated.

Make a schedule for Ayurveda and modern day living

Every day is important so take a daily schedule of your duties with you and find sufficient time to take rest between your daily tasks to restore the energies and keep the body in a good functioning state.

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