Ayurveda Dosha Types For Beginners

Ayurveda is a traditional or holistic science of health which is aimed at maintaining the physical and emotional structure of an individual, ensuring a person is in a balanced state of mind.

For over some decades now, when the Indian monks were in search of a better way to be healthy, that was when Ayurveda was discovered.

The monks believed preserving their health would help keep their mind fixed and developed spiritually, by reversing their body like temples.

However, as the years passed by, after being observant, these monks gathered all that they have concluded and advice and kept it for their generation unborn. After years of gathering different knowledge, this later came to be called the science or philosophy of life which the word “Ayurveda” implies.

The question we ask now is, how is Ayurveda distinct from other modern medicine?

The following tips will enlighten you on how Ayurveda is different from all other modern medicine in today’s society;

– Lifestyle And Food Routines

When you come to an Ayurveda doctor concerning any health challenge, the possibility of going back with a food recipe is certain rather than with a prescription for drug. This is because food and lifestyle routines in Ayurveda are seen as an essential medication you can ever think of.

– Every Individual Is Unique

Ayurveda as the science of life believes that every individual is unequal, in other words, every one has their own uniqueness. Here it is believed that not the same lifestyle routine or diet works for every individual. A way of life and diet that might be right for you might not be suitable for the other person.

– Prevent Is Not Only Cheaper But Better Than Cure

When you visit an Ayurveda doctor, what they focus mainly on is your health status, so Ayurveda is aimed at giving you specific advice and tips on how your physical and emotional health can be maintained.

However, having known how Ayurveda is different from other modern drugs, you will be eager to know how it works. Here is an answer to your question;

The energies that creates each and every one of us, and enable us to perform multiple physiological functions in our body is regarded as “Doshas.”

The following are the three types of Doshas;

1. Pitta Doshas

This is the type of energy in the human body which is aimed at controlling and regulating the body’s metabolic systems, comprising absorption, nutrition, digestion and temperature of the body.

However, when the body is in the balance, it will result in contentment and knowledge.

While when the body is out of balance is likely to lead to anger and ulcers.

2. Kapha Doshas

The growth in the body is controlled as a result of the Kapha doshas. The main function of the Kapha doshas is basically to moisturize the skin, supply water to all the body parts and carryout immune system maintenance.

When the body is in the balance here, the feeling of love and forgiveness continues to grow in the human body. While when the body is out of balance, it can result in insecurity and anger of the mind.

3. The Vata Doshas

This is the energy which controls bodily functions associated with motion comprising breathing, blinking of the eyes, heartbeat and blood circulation.

There creativity and vitality here when the body is in balance state of mind. While fear and anxiety may result when the body is out of balance.


In conclusion, it has been observed that each and every one of us have the three doshas but one or two dominate, and this determine the physiological and emotional traits of an individual. Learn more at keralaayurvedacentre.co.uk