Improve your Performance with our Relaxation Massage Leicester

Our signature relaxation massage is meant to offer health benefits to our clients in Leicester. Through a series of regular massages, both you and our professional therapists have a shared goal of achieving the required structural changes your body needs to improve. When receiving this type of therapeutic care, just ensure to feel at ease as our practitioners are highly skilled with soft tissue manipulations, friction, and petrissage.

In order to help promote improved circulation and induce relaxation, our unique relaxation massage Leicester which is typically designed to combat stress employs the use of long, rhythmic strokes presented at intervals. Just let our therapist know your specific complaint and they will do all they can to ensure that you recover back your normal life.

Along with our signature physiotherapy care, we offer a wide-range of relaxation therapy services. Following the tradition of Kerala Ayurveda Centre, this massage is designed to make you feel great. Whether you’ve got a spasm in your lower back, tight shoulders or pain in your hip, we are always willing and prepare to meet your needs.

We are always involved in every process. In a bid to effectively assess your current condition, our therapist will firstly like to know how you experience the pain, whether the onset was sudden, and how long you’ve been experiencing the pain. It is along with this history and other information, an effective treatment plan will be proposed. During the treatment of consistency and texture, our therapist will also try to feel the affected tissue, test your range of motion, and observe the way you move.

We can only propose a meaningful approach to treatment once we’ve obtained a reasonable idea of your condition. Rather than perform a full-body massage during one session, we would rather focus on your complaint areas such as your hip, lower back, and shoulders. Depending on your particular condition, we can recommend other helpful methods of performing a suitable relaxation massage therapy for you such as the use of stretches, hydrotherapy, ice, or even heat.

Based on the assessment obtained and the recommended plan, we can then go ahead to perform the actual treatment or massage therapy for you. Even in one session, you are sure to experience some degree of relief. You will be informed if there is any need for you to continue with the relaxation massage Leicester therapy.

At the end of the treatment, our therapist will work along with you to review the results. Basically, this is aimed at examining your condition to see if there are any improvements such as alleviated pain, enhanced mobility in the joint, and improved posture. Just so you know, you stand a better chance to make faster progress with additional sessions.

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