Some Important Facts About Anxiety Disorder

Some Important Facts About Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is part of natural human emotions. So, everyone feels anxious once in a while. Most times, people feel anxious when faced with a problem or when they are awaiting certain result like the result of an interview, an academic examination result or even the result of a medical test like pregnancy test or HIV test.

Anxiety becomes a disorder when it becomes too much and without any reason whatsoever. If not curbed at an early stage, anxiety can hinder the ability to lead a normal life. At the most critical stage, anxiety can lead to depression.

In fact, anxiety disorder has been categorized as a mental illness. Overwhelming fear and unnecessary worry are major symptoms of anxiety disorder. Patients of anxiety can still lead a normal life if the disorder is well managed.

While some people believe that the disorder can resolve completely if nipped in the bud, others believe that it can only lie dormant, it does not resolve completely because it can still be triggered out of dormancy when such situation arises. This is why anxiety patients should never be passionate about anything especially not sports.

The symptoms of anxiety are infinite but the common ones apart from worry and fear are listed below

  • Regular dizziness especially during strenuous activities
  • Tension around the muscles
  • Nausea and numbness in the hands and feet
  • Dry mouth and virtual dehydration
  • Restlessness especially at odd hours
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cold and sweaty hands and feet even in cold atmosphere
  • Constant insomnia
  • Waking up suddenly from sleep without any reason
  • Perpetual feeling of uneasiness, fear and panic. This has been tagged “fear of the unknown”

There are several kinds of anxiety but the four commonest types have been discussed below

Panic disorder: This involves the feeling of panic and it strikes suddenly without any warning. Patients of this particular condition are the ones that wake up suddenly from sleep without any reason. Chest pain and profuse sweating are common symptoms with this type of anxiety.

Social Anxiety Disorder: This is marked by overwhelming worry about nothing in particular. It starts by worrying about how others will judge you. These worries are often baseless.

Specific Phobias: This involves serious fears about a specific object or situation. This is usually caused by a terrible experience that still lingers in the head of the patient. It could be fear of heights.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: This is about the worst of them as it is the combination of two or more of the other kinds of anxiety disorder. This is usually the hardest to treat.

Treatment for Anxiety

There are other kinds of treatments but psychotherapy is about the most effective treatment of anxiety. This is because the fear and the worry are based on perceived or virtual problems and not real ones. So, the mind of the patient has to be convinced that those problems don’t exist. It is after this that medications and other forms of treatment can be effective.

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