Ayurvedic Skin Care


Home Remedy

Ayurveda has many wonderful suggestions for maintaining the health and beauty of your skin.

OIL MASSAGE: Regular oil massage over your whole body is very effective for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. If you are vata or have vata imbalance use sesame oil. If you are pitta or have pitta imbalance, use sunflower oil.If you are kapha or have a kapha imbalance, use corn oil or canola oil. Gentle massage maintains the beauty and the texture of the skin.

TAKE TURMERIC: to have beautiful skin, take a capsule of turmeric daily. Ayurvedic tradition states that if a pregnant woman takes turmeric regularly, her child will have gorgeous skin!

GET ENOUGH IRON IN YOUR DIET: if you have skin loose pale, it may be a sign of anemia. Drink some carrot juice and eat cooked beets. This will give you natural iron and should improve skin color.

SOAK UP SOME SUN: Apply the appropiate oil to your skinand lie in the sun for a little while (10 to a 15 minutes or at the most half an hour. This will improve the circulation and strenghten skin tone.


Natural face mask using banana, yogurt and honey

1.Mash half a banana

Add 2 tbsp of yogurt

Add 1 tbsp of honey

Mix well

Apply on the face taking care to avoid the eyes

Leave for 15 min

Wash off with cold water

Natural face mask using yogurt and orange

2.Take 1 tbsp of yogurt

Add juice of ¼ of an orange

Mix well

Apply on the face taking care to avoid the eyes

Leave for 5 min and then wash it off