Everything You Need To Know – Arthritis

Arthritis is a common ailment that affects the human joint. It is referred to as joint pain or joint disease. You can be affected by this illness not minding your age, sex, or race. However, arthritis is common amongst women. It’s more frequent as you get older. This disease can also cause disability if it’s not treated properly and at the right time. Some of the symptoms of you are likely to experience if you have arthritis include the following:

  • Swelling around the affected part
  • Stiffness of the affected part
  • And reduced motion

These symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe at some point. It usually gets serious if you don’t treat it on time. When it gets severe it results in chronic pain, inability to do necessary chores, difficulty in walking or climbing stairs.

There are also different types of arthritis, and they are as follows:

  • Degenerative 

This kind of arthritis is the most common amongst them. This occurs when the cartilages around the bone wear and tears away. This results in the bone rubbing against each other. As time goes on the affected joint begins to lose strength and the pain becomes severe or even chronic.

  • Inflammatory

This type of arthritis occurs when any part of the joint gets inflamed. The affected joint is usually swollen and makes every movement around that joint painful and uncomfortable. Smoking can also cause inflammatory Arthritis.

  • Infectious

This type of arthritis is usually as a result of an infection caused by a bacteria, virus or fungi that enter the joint thereby causing inflammation. Some of the organisms that cause this type of arthritis are salmonella and shigella (food poisoning), chlamydia and gonorrhea (sexually transmitted disease) and hepatitis C.

  • Metabolic

If your uric acid is very high due to excessive production by the body, it can cause this type of arthritis. Wherein the uric acid levels are not reduced it will cause severe or chronic pain which will make it tough to move around.

There are also treatments other treatments of which are:

  1. Using the hot and cold therapy- this can make a huge difference in treating arthritis. It is good to have a long warm bath during the morning hours so as to reduce the pain.
  1. Acupuncture – this method is an old Chinese medical treatment. It has to do with inserting needles around the affected part so as to re-route the energy and then you will regain balance.
  1. Get a massage from an expert
  1. Try weight loss- when you gain weight it puts more stress on your joint. Weight loss is also a very good treatment therapy. This should be done by paying more visits to the Gym or meet a physical exercise expert to guide you.

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