How Natural Therapies Of Kerala Ayurveda Treat Back Pain

Kerala Ayurveda Centre is a place which provides massage treatments to the people who are suffering from back pain. You will receive the very best massage treatments here. It not only provides the massage services, but also offers effective life coaching, health education and stress management programs. You should experience these services at least once in your life. You will feel that Kerala Ayurveda Centre is the most effective and natural path to happiness and health.

There are lots of massage treatments available for the people who are suffering from any kind of body pain including back pain, neck pain, spine pain etc. Some of the massage treatments are shown below.

Rejuvenation massage – This treatment includes your whole body with herbal oil by hands and is helpful to treat your body pain including back pain. It is good for your body to rejuvenate the body to reduce mental tension, sexual weakness to improve vitality etc.
Ayurvedic fruit therapy – This therapy is mainly used for ladies to improve their fairness and to maintain their youthfulness.
General body massage – these massage treatments is done for one hour with herbal oil by hands to tone up your body to improve blood circulation etc. This treatment is also useful for those people who have the problem of back pain.
Ayurvedic traditional massage – This therapy is useful to treat the patients having joint pain, muscle pain, back pain etc. The massage provides you deep relaxation and healing. This therapy is also helpful for obesity, especially for diabetic gangrene etc.
Ayurvedic kadivasthi – In this massage therapy warm oil is kept for a specific time period which will help you to get relieve from back pain and also will improve your back flexibility.
Including these massage treatments there are many more massages which Kerala Ayurveda are specialized in. Some of them are Ayurvedic foot massage, Ayurvedic head and shoulder massage, Ayurvedic sirodhara and thakra dhara, Ayurvedic facial, ayurvedic manicure, Ayurvedic pedicure, Ayurvedic kizhi, Ayurvedic pizhichil, Ayurvedic elakizhi and podikizhi, Ayurvedic sneha vasthi and kashaya vasthi, Ayurvedic netra tharpanam, Ayuvedic nasyam, Ayurvedic udwarthanam, Ayurvedic thalapothichil etc.
Besides the healthcare services Kerala Ayurveda also provides many spa massages.

These massages are also very beneficial for relaxing your mind, relieving from body pain including back pain, rejuvenating yourself etc. Some spa massages available at Kerala ayurvedic are Thai spa massage, Swedish spa massage, hot stone spa massage, aromatherapy, reflexology etc.

You should at least once go to Kerala ayurvedic to experience the services offered. They have the experienced doctors. All kind of massages and treatments are available here.