Intelligent Striving For Wellness

Intelligent Striving For Wellness

Wellness is becoming a huge buzzword and we should all strive to reach the goal of top wellness in our lives. There is no widely accepted definition but there a common sense concept, which makes perfect sense.

Positive Health

Wellness can be understood if we look at it as a presence of well-being which can present as vague, but more detailed is ‘acceptance of your present condition or a state of well-being. Presented in a positive state, it is what we strive for with being healthy in mind and body. Wellness is also a self-directed and a process of reaching your full potential as a human being. It is also seen as holistic, multidimensional and all around lifestyle with being positive, affirmed, and respecting and working to a healthy state of mind.

Wellness is an ongoing process of making choices that will achieve a successful existence.

The Process of Applying Wellness

Some health advocates use a multi-pronged application of interconnectedness. It is a six dimensional model that does an excellent job of helping people see the value of achieving wellness.

Holistic in concept, the first prong would be how we use the community and environment to build better living spaces and networks that promote community.

Secondly, how we should enrich our lives through work, living and taking time to play. It all fits like a glove.

Third, the development of your belief system, personal values and looking at the worldview. A belief system no matter how simplistic helps us on the road to wellness.

Fourth, how wellness is achieved through exercise, activity, good eating routines, self-care, caring about the life of others, personal responsibility and how we should approach medical attention.

Fifth, watching your sense of direction. Determine your right path to self-control, and self-esteem.

Last, sharing your gifts with others. If you are creative, continue to hone your craft. These talents are good for you all around well-being.

Work Toward That Path of Wellness

Every human endeavour can be extremely useful if a wellness approach is taken. Look at it as a path you walk until you achieve your goal. The application of wellness also uses the sciences of medical arts including the services of counselling. Do not be apprehensive to make a plan and define the program to achieve your goal.

Peoples walk the wellness path at different rates. As we age, sometimes it is harder to incur a change. Remember that Rome was not built in a day. We must learn to give up unproductive and harmful habits in order to grow.

There are venues which can help you work a program and approach your path to wellness in a holistic setting that is not only good for your wellness, but help you achieve that sense of all over well-being.

The investment in wellness is for you and you are worth it!

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