How To Practice Safe Meditation

How To Practice Safe Meditation

Most people have the need to meditate but don’t know how to do it properly. Proper meditation would help your body and make you more productive. Meditation is a simple practice, but it may be intimidating on the surface. Meditation would help you become more peaceful, focused and more attentive to things of life.

Furthermore, it would help you understand your mind and what is going on inside your head. It would enable you to understand yourself better and it would give you more flexibility and freedom.

Meditating is a good practice but it’s not easy as well. These safe steps as stated below would teach you how to start small and get better as you keep practicing. Don’t expect to be good at the initial stage. Keep practicing and before you know it, you will become an expert.

Get a comfortable chair to sit on for two minutes.

You might be wondering why you should sit for two minutes. Does it sound ridiculous? Never mind, it’s a perfect way to start. You can do this for a week and gradually increase the time little by little. If you keep up with the practice within one month you can be meditating at 10 minutes a day in the second month.

Do it every morning

It would be perfect if you do this as the first thing every morning before you engage in any other activity. If you don’t practice it in the morning, there is that tendency that you might forget to practice later in the day. You can set an alarm and write a note which says ‘meditate’.

Don’t worry about ‘the how’

A lot of people worry about how to sit, how to keep your hand, leg etc. There is no need for all this, just do it. You can sit on your bed, chair, or couch. Some people are more comfortable sitting on the ground with their leg crossed. Remember that it’s just for two minutes initially, so just sit and do it. As time goes on you can start thinking of how to sit in a more comfortable place since it would take a longer time. And you can practice it anywhere.

Count your breath

Count your breath and in the process, your mind would begin to wonder. When this happens don’t get bordered it’s almost a certainty this would happen. When the time is up, stand up and smile.

Meditation is a very good way to relieve stress and stay focused on your goals, dreams, and aspiration. You can practice with friends and family. If you need experts who can teach you more on how to practice safe meditation, contact Kerala Ayurveda centre. For more information visit our website at www.keralaayurvedacentre.co.uk.