Yoga Retreat: Things You Should Consider Before Going Packing Your Bags

Yoga Retreat: Things You Should Consider Before Going Packing Your Bags

Are you beginning to feel the need to unplug, that could be your mind and soul telling you it’s time to pack those bags and head for a yoga retreat? You could as well be thinking it’s probably for the professionals who can align their body properly, and who have mastered the art and science of breathing; it is for everyone but knowing certain things will aid you in maximising the time and money you plan on spending at the yoga retreat.

Here are some tips you need to explore before filling that trunk with your luggage and heading out:

  1. Research the instructor: when going on a yoga retreat for the first time or after a while, you want to be sure your teacher matches your personality and also know the kind of styles they have mastered well, this is crucial and if not done well could potentially ruin a supposedly effective retreat
  1. The kind of yoga you’ll be practicing: some of us love adventures and trying out new things but you need to know the kind of yoga you will be doing all through your stay. This will increase your level of preparedness be it the VINYASA or the HOT YOGA; your mind already knows what to expect.
  1. Going on a yoga retreat is highly rewarding, but you also want to know the timetable of activities planned out through the retreat. You don’t want to spend the whole twenty-four hours in class trying different poses as this might soon overshadow your reason for deciding to attend in the first place.
  1. Other activities like reading, taking a nap or taking a walk should be part of the activities lined up for your personal downtime which is highly essential. Your downtime should be thoughtfully planned out to benefit the purpose of your yoga retreat, and this is done personally.
  1. The solo mission always does it: family is the best thing that could probably happen to a person, but when it comes to retreats you might have to keep it solo. Going alone means you are stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve that which is beneficial to your body and soul; also you get the opportunity to meet new interesting people and make friends while expanding your network.
  1. Know your budget: not asking you to break the bank but financial planning is critical to your yoga retreat. The cheapest doesn’t always give you the ultimate experience, but you might have to save up to gain the meaningful experience that is special to you.
  1. The right mindset: Business emails, office tasks or student assignments should not be brought to a yoga retreat. It is an opportunity to unplug, and minimal distraction is needed to achieve it. Be open minded, and this could just be the retreat that will change your life forever.

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