Yoga: Simple Things To Know To Get Started

Yoga: Simple Things To Know To Get Started

When most people hear the word yoga, the first thing that comes to their minds is a picture of a lady or man standing on one foot on a beach or room meditating. Some even see it as a means of working out and trimming down excess fat stored up in the body. However, Yoga is an ancient Indian body of knowledge that imbibes the absolute essence of living of an individual.

The word yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ and it means the uniting of an individual’s soul with the spirit, or the individual’s consciousness with the universal consciousness. Away from the physical exercise aspect of it (bending, stretching and breathing techniques) which represents only a fragment, this science has infinite potentials on the human body and soul.

If you are new to yoga, there are several styles of yoga and the long list may seem confusing for someone willing to explore the infinite potentials embedded in this human soul and body. Here are some major styles that will improve your knowledge of this ancient science and get you started in no time.

  1. ANUSARA: this is a relatively new style to the yoga world as it made its entry in the late 20th century by American Yogi John Friend. It is based on the belief that we all are filled with inherent goodness, and this style uses the physical practice of yoga to open an individual’s heart to allow the intrinsic goodness illuminate.
  1. ASHTANGA: also a 20th-century yoga style is rigorous as it follows a specific sequence of postures each linking to a breath. It physically demands much practice and increases body perspiration during the exercise.
  1. BIKRAM: this yoga style is practised in artificially heated rooms as you go through a series of 26 different poses. This is also rigorous as the mind and body feel the whole impact.
  1. IYENGAR: this is a meticulous style of yoga with more attention paid to finding the right alignment in a pose. This style can be really challenging as you will discover how difficult it could be to align your body correctly.
  1. RESTORATIVE: this yoga is a soothing way to relax your body nerves. There is little or no effort needed here, and the effect could be more rejuvenating than a short nap.
  1. VINYASA: this comes in more interestingly as a form of yoga because music is sometimes played to keep things lively. They are known for their intensive movement practises with much emphasis laid on smoothly transitioning from pose to pose.

Some other forms of yoga imbibe a more holistic approach by integrating all the elements of the ancient knowledge of yoga to unite the body, mind, and soul. Much emphasis could be laid on the inner experience of meditation alongside different effective yoga postures and breathing techniques for the wellbeing of the individual’s soul. For more information, contact keralaayurvedacentre.co.uk.