Apple & Lime Smoothie with Ginger & Cardamom


1 whole Apple
1 pinch CARDAMOM  Cardamom
1/8 inch Ginger
1/4 whole Lime
1 pinch Lime Zest
1/2 c Water

How to make this summer smoothie

1. Chop and core the apple. Scrape the zest off of a lime. Grate the ginger. Grind cardamom in a coffee grinder.

2. Add above ingredients to a blender. Squeeze lime juice over mixture. Add water and puree until smooth.

Serve immediately. Contents may separate quickly. To keep contents from separating, add kiwi.


Ginger & cardamom are a digestive aid and during the summer, smoothies are a perfect way for the body to rehydrate and stay cool. A pinch of salt can benefit dry Vata types.