Treatment Sinusitis – Nasya

According to Ayurveda the nose is the entrance of prana vayu (breathing air) towards the brain and the whole body. Any obstruction or congestion to the airway may affect the quality of life.

Nasya is one of the most important treatments in Ayurveda. Nasya means putting medicated herbal oils, herbal extracts or herbal powders in each nostril according to dosha predominance of patient and chronicity of disease. By nasya the impurities accumulated over the head including sinus cavities, ears, eyes and throat are expelling out .A qualified Ayurveda physician can decide the suitable herbal formulation for nasya and its dose.

In order to perform the treatment the patient is asked to lay down comfortably on their back with head tilted slightly back by supporting with a rolled towel or a small pillow below neck. The therapist will do a massage with medicated herbal oil on forehead, neck and shoulders. After a thorough massage droplets of medicated oil is put in the nostrils and the patient is requested to take a deep sniff. The therapist will be doing massage on the sides of nostrils, face and forehead. This will be repeating according to dose of nasya oil. Patients are asked to spit out if mucous comes. This process is repeated numerous times. At the end of the treatment the patient needs to wash their mouth with warm water. These procedures are conducted by the directions of a qualified Ayurveda physician only.

Nasya is good to improve the clarity of voice, mind, improve memory and relief the stiffness of facial muscles. The main indication of nasya includes sinusitis, migraine, various headaches, problems of eyes, ear, anxiety, nasal polyps and bells palsy. Nasya treatment is lubricates and nourishes the nasal passage and expelling the toxins accumulated in the head area above the neck.

The main contra indications of nasya are during pregnancy, during menstruation, immediately before or after meals, diarrhoea, indigestion, fever.

One of the main formulation of nasya is aanuthailam. It is a strong herbal formulation. After nasya with aanuthailam there may be slight burning sensation and headaches present. This will help to expel the impurities out.

It is recommended, post treatment, to drink plenty of warm water and avoid over exertion. For more information on Ayurveda or if you’d like to book a consultation just visit > Our Shop Page