Guest Post Rachael Morgan

I have recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Kerala Ayurvedic Centre on a one-day retreat and what a great day it was for connecting, learning and sharing. I welcome the opportunity to work within a network of other professionals and provide a bespoke service which is suitable for the individual.

I work as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor in private practice, having had many years of working with people in different capacities and working environments. I have a passion for supporting and facilitating others to have the most fulfilling life they can. Fundamentally, I believe in the importance of relationship and connection which enables us to fully grow, develop and mature.

My interests are wide and varied and I adopt a holistic lifestyle myself as well as adopting this approach when working alongside others. Just like our nutritional requirements vary, so do our psychological needs. These differ from others and will vary according to our lifestyle, age and aspirations for our future.

My current focus is around taking more account of the body in the Psychotherapeutic process, and use this information to inform our work. Look out for developments on this in the coming year.

I am also passionate about setting up groups for people to work therapeutically. I aim to set up a regular group for men to meet and talk together, as my previous experience of this has shown me that this is an important and necessary space to feel safe enough to share together. I do not think that therapy needs to be stereotypical, routine or predictable. I believe in the importance of spontaneity and the space to evolve in a boundaried and comfortable environment. This is why I use the outdoors, nature and creative approaches in my work. I do not believe that therapy needs to be contained by four walls, but can be encompassed into real and everyday life. The containment is provided by a safe, ethical and confidential space.

If you are interested in finding out more or wish to make contact, please do so via my website www.psychotherapyleicestershire.co.uk or enquiries@psychotherapyleicestershire.co.uk