Ayurveda Retreats

Unwind the hidden energies within you with a break from the regular stress and strain with the help the ever-thoughtful mind to calm. Our Retreat programs are recommended to those looking for that perfect wellness break to release the knots and tensions from the muscles, slow down the palpitations and feel the still state of the mind and soul as water.

Kerala Ayurveda centre styled massages with aroma oils and complimenting body treatments would leave a mesmerising feel. A unique combination of meals and drinks, treatments, and meditation sessions allow you to achieve your targets in a very relaxing, luxury environment under the supervision of their in-house Ayurveda doctor.

We offer retreats in the UK (Walsall) with future retreats coming to a location near you. For more information please click on the links below.

Ayurveda Retreats

Below you will find links to our one day retreats at our Walsall branch.

Kerala Ayurveda

Leeds Retreats

Join us at our Leeds branch for Ayurveda Day Retreat on 19th August 2019. Begin your journey with a new awareness, set your intentions with a renewed sense of vigor and rejuvenation, ultimately leading to vibrant health and peace of mind, and relax in the beautiful town of Leeds. You will learn about Ayurveda, the principle that health is more than merely the absence of disease but rather a dynamic integrated state of balance in body, mind and spirit, and everything including your body type- known as dosha is connected to the environment.

Kerala Ayurveda


Join us at our Walsall branch for Ayurveda Wellness Day Retreat on 12th August 2019. Learn to enhance your ability to create health and happiness in our lives and for those around you. As part of our retreat you will receive a Well-being Workshop, Ayurvedic Consultation, Health Coaching, Meditation Sessions, Full Body Massage & Steam Treatment, Indian Head Massage Treatment, Podikhizi Treatment, Shirodhara Treatment and an Ayurvedic food Menu.

Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala, India Retreat

We would like to invite you to this Ayurveda Wellness Rtreat with Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala, India. Practice yoga, take a tour to admire the oldest colonial architecture in India, and take Ayurvedic treatment to relax, detox, or rejuvenate. Enjoy beautiful views over the Arabian Sea. Return home feeling refreshed and relaxed!

Future Retreats

We would love to offer more retreats across the UK and the world, if you would like to request a retreat is a specific location we would love to hear from you, just send us a message.

Ultimate Wellness

Ayurveda encourages us to seek experiences that are harmonising to our senses through Ayurvedic practices which will be explained on the retreat. You can learn to minimise toxic input and maximise nourishing experiences for both body and mind. Join the retreat and learn to enhance your ability to create health and happiness in our lives and for those around you.

Ayurveda Consultations & Treatments

This retreat includes a consultation with an on-site Ayurvedic doctor and you will receive treatments according to your body constitution.

Kerala Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Menu

Benefits of the Ayurvedic diet include improving gut health, digestion, moods, sleep, fertility and body weight. As part of your retreat package we offer authentic Vegetarian Ayurvedic foods, snacks and drinks.

Kerala Ayurveda Academy

Interested in learning more about Ayurveda and how to practice Ayurveda treatments yourself? We offer and an accredited Kerala Ayurveda Academy where it’s aim is to pursue excellence in the application of the training of this rare and unique modality. We aim to provide the highest standards of professional massage teaching as well as a structure and support for our students to learn, grow and have a greater understanding of wellbeing.

What do our clients say?

“I want to thank you for such a most wonderful time at your centre. I do so appreciate the wonderful care that you showed. Your sensitivity to our individual needs was superb. I will not forget the wonderful experience that we had.”

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